1 day workshop
With Australia’s #1 Strategic Sales, Social Media
and Reputation Marketing Consultants

in association with “BRIAN TRACY INTERNATIONAL
the Worlds Leading Authority in Professional Development, Leadership and
Business Growth Strategies.

Some of our past Graduates and Clients include:

Are you struggling to attract and generate
ongoing new business?
Is Competition beating you on price?


Could you be Growing your Business Faster than you are?


Discover the powerful formula to attract more business, outperform & dominate your market, increase your sales, and more importantly, drive profitability. Guaranteed

Australia’s #1 Strategic Sales and Leadership Consultant, Pascal Martin, along with his team of traffic generating experts, will reveal and uncover for you how to Unleash Business Profits, to grow your business faster, consistently, and fatten your bottom line in any industry, irrespective of product, service or price.

Drive more Traffic to your front Door and Website

  • Attract your ideal profitable client
  • Position yourself as market leader and eliminate the price-driven competition
  • Harvest Maximum profits from your market, consistently, using innovative customer buying strategies.
  • Create raving fans that refer your business and come back to buy more and more from you.

1-Day Live Workshop with Australia’s No 1 Strategic Sales & Leadership Consultant, Pascal Martin, and his team of Traffic Generating experts, who have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and businesses become profit-making machines, consistently, in any market or economy.


Register now and get the advantage before your competition does.

To join us for a full days intensive workshop to transform your businesses Status, Reputation, Sales and Market Leadership Status simply select your Preferred Location/Dates below and click the “Registration” Button.

How much is your investment,
for your future success? $47 AUD


You might be asking, “Just what do I get for this small investment?


During the one full day workshop you will receive the following


  • A Questions and Answer session where you tell us how we can assist you best
  • Sales strategies to smooth your sales process leaving people wanting more Products or Services from your team
  • Exposure to Social Media focused on leveraging its results and making you the talking point in your Businesses Niche
  • The latest Gold nuggets for creating, maintaining and establishing a Solid 5 Star Online Reputation to have Google promote you and transform your satisfied customers into your personal marketing team


As this vast amount of business saving information/solutions will take a bit of time
(actually the full day – Registration 8:30am, Event 9am – 5:30pm).



Date / Time




3 July 2013
Registration 8:30am
Event 9am – 5:30pm
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05 July 2013
Registration 8:30am
Event 9am – 5:30pm
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North Sydney

10 July 2013
Registration 8:30am
Event 9am – 5:30pm
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23 July 2013
Registration 8:30am
Event 9am – 5:30pm
TBA Event Registration



25 July 2013
Registration 8:30am
Event 9am – 5:30pm
TBA Event Registration



Register Now and Get your complementary ebook `Goals’ by Brian Tracy.

This ebook will get you started on your path to greater profits with ideas and strategies on:

  • How to grow your Business
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Productivity
  • Lower Marketing Costs
  • Define your Strategy
  • Manage Time Effectively


Not Only will you receive the above eBook but
2 additional BUSINESS CHANGING eBooks
from the panel of Experts to let you
get started today and transform your business
towards more profits
more customers and more fun.


Could you be Growing your Business Faster than you are? Are you experiencing SLOWING GROWTH or WORSE a SHRINKING BOTTOM LINE….


Most Business owners & Entrepreneurs are STRUGGLING with this exact problem….

  • Are you having the challenge of attracting and closing new business?
  • Frustrated with your teams inconsistent results.
  • Are you WAITING for the economy to turn around, or hoping for that flood of clients who will just come knocking.
  • You know you can be getting MUCH better results, but you’re feeling “stuck”, wondering where your next client is coming from?
  • Competition consistently beating you on price….
  • Have you ever found yourself WONDERING WHY it is that some people seem to really enjoy “selling”, making winning lucrative contracts look so easy, when perhaps you find it a challenge?
  • Are you FRUSTRATED with your business because all the so-called business planning and strategies aren’t working as well as they should, but you don’t know what to do or who to turn to?
  • Are you AWAKE AT NIGHT DREADING what tomorrow will bring…
  • If you think it has been a challenge now, what if the economy gets more gloomy, the world economy tightens further and people get more concerned… you can’t rely on the economic political strategist to come to the rescue – or are you….?
  • If your like most well-intended Entrepreneurs, Business Owners or in Sales, you probably feel like your working too hard, could be earning more money or growing at a faster rate…

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need to register to reserve your spot now
and ensure you do not miss out and still receive this collection of life changing eBooks.


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Dear Business Owner

Are you a Business Owner or entrepreneur, are you a Sales Professional or someone who makes a living from selling their product, services, or expertise? I have to tell you, the old way of struggling to find clients and working 24/7 is dead!

The world has changed, and unless you change with it, you’ll be left behind, still working hard to make a living, under constant pressure to perform and wondering why everyone around you seems to be achieving the business success you really want.

Having worked & consulted with many businesses internationally, as well as with some of the countries industry leading brands and companies, one thing is for sure! The successful ones were completely sales-focused driven by Great Leadership matched to innovative ongoing customer generation strategies.

By my early 30′s, I had sold my first Multi-Million Dollar Business, and since then have been coaching, consulting and training 100s of people and organisations how to become a highly-profitable, industry-leading dynamic organisations using the World Class Business Tools developed by Brian Tracy, matched with innovative lead generations & marketing strategies.

To get the most out of our clients, we also dive deep into what makes you and your organisation tick, and most of the time, “We take what you already have, and turn it into profits!” Using cutting edge and revolutionary coaching technics & diagnostic tools.

Combining these proven tools & techniques along with my team-developed the step-by-step formula, “The Winning Business Profits Blueprint“, so anyone could transform their business enterprise, product or service into a High yielding Profit machine.

My team and I personally look forward to working with the very select few of you whom are ready to achieve extraordinary results and break away to create the business of your dreams, develop high performing teams and discover a rejuvenated balanced lifestyle of choice – where you are handsomely paid, can provide for your family, and more importantly, serve more clients profitably and consistently.

We can’t wait to share all this and more with you Now…

Yours in Faith,
Pascal, Wolfgang, Anf and Poy

`The Winning Business Blueprint’ is a STEP-BY-STEP process designed to transform your business, your team, your ideas & expertise into a sale-focused Organisation, how to Package & Position yourself and your business at the top of your industry as the preferred number 1 provider and how to attract and service your ideal, profitable customer, irrespective of service, product or price.




Whether your looking to attract better clients, increase sales, improve productivity or needing help and guidance to step up your business, then register now, as seat are limited and will fill up quickly.


Meet The Team


Pascal Martin Business Sales Specialist
Pascal Martin

Pascal Martin is a dynamic entrepreneur and highly regarded expert in Sales Psychology as well as being a much sort after Leadership Trainer & Coach, with both national and international clients. Pascal specializes in helping businesses & individuals become Sales Focused through Leadership; transforming themselves and their organisations to be at the top of their industry and leaders in their field.

Working with some of the countries leading companies & products, sales professionals, speakers, entrepreneurs & senior management in the areas of sales strategy & buyer psychology, sales professionalism, buying strategies, fit to market product development and execution of business strategies for maximum profits. Pascal developed the ‘Winning Business Blueprint’ & ‘Winning Business Coaching’ Program to allow anyone or organisation to position themselves at the top of their industry and ‘Win’ at business & Life.

By his early 30′s, Pascal had already sold his first multi-million dollar business to a public listed company and has since then, started and sold from scratch a number of diverse business interests.

Wolfgang Hofbauer Online Reputation Marketing Expert
Wolfgang Hofbauer

Wolfgang is an unrivalled international expert and Published Author specialising in all aspects of online marketing, Internet education and Reputation Marketing, as well as a highly sought after speaker on the global speaking circuit, having shared the stage with some of the leaders in the world on the subject of online reputations.

He has been on Stage with thought leaders such as Bob Proctor (star of The Secret), Matt/Amanda Clarkson (Australian eBay Millionaires), John Childers (Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor/Speaker) and many more.

When your reputation gets hurt he will fix it online and if you don’t have one he will create a winning one for you to propel your Business to its fullest potential.


Anf and Poy Social Media Experts
Anfernee Chansamooth and Poy TB

Anfernee Chansamooth and Poy Tiangbangloung, founders of Kaboom Hub, are online lead generation experts who help increase the revenues of small to medium sized businesses through effective Facebook and internet marketing. Their clients include international businesses such as Gold’s Gym with 700 stores around the world, MyCRA the #1 Credit Repair Rating company in Australia and Universal Stars, one of the biggest business and success event promoters in Australia. Anf and Poy are dynamic presenters and they love to teach business owners, consultants, coaches, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs the most current and results-driven strategies for generating leads online in a fun and engaging way.


You might be asking who this is for?


  • Seasoned Entrepreneurs – who want to attract an endless supply of their ideal customers to their products or services so that their venture thrives and become a profit machine.


  • Established Business Owners – who already have some success, but are frustrated with inconsistent results or WANT to add more Zeros to their bottom line.


  • Specialists, Professionals and Technicians – who want to earn more from their skills & knowledge, attract better clients, charge higher prices, have business chase them, raise their profile, and be positioned as an industry leader.


  • Company Managers – who are noticing a slowing of efficiencies, lowering revenue, a downward squeeze on profits, and want to reverse this trend back into the black.


  • Sales people & Managers – who just want to attract better customers and convert more to sales.


  • CEO’s & Senior Managers – wanting support & someone they can lean on and confide in, someone to help them optimize their performance, identify obstacles and uncover blind spots so they can confidently make important decisions and lead their organization.










Questions you might be asking…


Q1. `Will this work for me & my business?’

The answer in short is YES Business is business and having applied these proven system & strategies to a diverse range of industries all yielding significant rapid results. Often, a single well-defined strategy can often dramatically shift an entire business. Following the whole process will yield extraordinary results, guaranteed.



Q2. I already have advisees and strategies and don’t want more strategies, just better results….

Perfect – then you’re more than ready to start reaping greater rewards straight away. During the one day program, we will explore how you can take all the strategies you have and actually make them profitable “We take what you already have and turn it into profits.” At the same time, let’s get you more customers quickly,



Q3. I’ve already done all the trainings, seminars, and workshops. I have all the qualifications but just want something that works for me to earn more money.

So ask yourself – if you have all of the resources, why aren’t you getting the results? Then you definitely need to attend, as you will be given the opportunity to participate in our `Hot Seats’ and get to work on your business straight away, to get your result immediately. “We’ll take what you already have and turn it into profits



Q4. How do I know it’ll work for me?

“The tools, techniques, systems & programs were designed by world-renowned experts in the field of Leadership & Business, Strategic Planning, Sales and Sales Management, Personal & Professional Development, Personal Branding & Traffic Generation & Marketing Experts and have been used by the world’s leading organisations of today.
So they can’t all be wrong. Our partnership with `Brian Tracy International’ assures you of the quality & effectiveness.” The one day `Business Accelerator Workshop‘ is a combination of these exceptional business tools, presented & delivered in a way that any person, any business or any organization can apply straight away to get rapid results. Guaranteed”



Q5. What does all this cost?

This is a paid event, so we can work with serious business owners, looking to seriously improve their profits. “Try the cost of doing nothing. If anything, you should be looking at how much it has cost you, till now, for having done nothing in the past. You are exactly where you are because you were afraid of the cost. We focus on adding great value and profit to any organisation so it does not really cost you anything. Doing nothing will cost you more. So register right now and lets start focusing on making even greater profits.”






“Our number one objective for all our clients is to help them Win More Business and maximise Harvestable Profits to drive growth in any market or economy. Partnering with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business leaders, senior managers and service providers, together, we create innovative Profitable Business Strategies utilising the latest cutting-edge tools in Sales & Marketing, behavioural sciences buyer psychology, and strategic leadership, to position you and your business where customers just want to buy from you, irrespective of product, service or price. GUARANTEED.”

This is not for everyone. We only take on a select few clients whom truly want to succeed in their business, their company and get more out of life.

We work with individuals and organisations who are looking to play a bigger game on a bigger scale? If this is YOU, then Register Now

“One thing is for sure – in the one day Business Accelerator Workshop, it will get you extra-ordinary insight and value that you could Action Straight Away.

So if your ready to –

  • Become your own Economy…
  • Out Perform and Dominate your Market Today…
  • Position you & your Business as the ’1′ Preferred Provider in your Industry…
  • Attract even more Higher Value Clients…
  • Discover how to make better decisions to ‘Lead & Grow’ your Organisation.







Dramatically Increase revenue and Fatten bottom line Profits…



We are results focused. So You have nothing to loose and Everything to Gain. So register Now and discover the difference for yourself before your competition does.